Bjørnsonvegen - A small piece of Norway ...


kittilbu utmarksmuseum

Contact information

2653 Vestre Gausdal, Norway
Tlf.: +47 880 03 695

The museum presents the history of hunting and gathering cultures from the Stone Age through Medieval trapping systems and iron-ore production and up to contemporary mountain farming, hunting and hydroelectric power construction. The moose tells you the story in the museum. Cultural path, cafe, angling, bycycling and chalet. Guided walsk to nearby National Park, farm lunch, "a taste of moose". Overnight accommodation.
Theme days, exhibits, cultural trails, historical food and iron-ore extraction. Weekly trips to Ormtjernkampen National Park with angling, and guided tours.

Overnight accommodation: Hut or lavvu (Sami tent).


Along Fv 204 between V. Gausdal and Valdres, 12 km from Rv 255-Bjørnsonvegen, exit at Forset.


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