Bjørnsonvegen - A small piece of Norway ...


Turn off the E6 north of Lillehammer or at Vinstra (Gudbrandsdalen), and you are on RV 255 Bjørnsonvegen, a beautiful stretch of national highway. The road passes through a rich cultural landscape, from the beautiful farms in the lowland valleys of Vestre Gausdal to the high mountain valley of Espedalen and the fine historic architecture and spectacular precipitous fields in one of Norway's highest villages at Skåbu.

Along RV 255 – Bjørnsonvegen is Aulestad, the home of the writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, author of Norway's national anthem. Lining the route are small village churches, art galleries, theatre, handicrafts shops. Don't miss the geological potholes. Take in a summer concert. Enjoy a visit to s mountain farm, hire a boat or go fishing in one of the myriad lakes, or riding, or simply ramble or cycle through the district. There are overnight accommodation and many good places to eat, all grounded in local culture and tradition. RV 255 – Bjørnsonvegen makes a rewarding detour from the E6; but it is also opportunity to carry on over mountains via the Jotunheimen road, over Valdresflya and on to the fjord country on the west coast. Or, for that matter, to take a day trip via RV 255 – Bjørnsonvegen to Espedalen returning via the Peer Gynt Road.

We wish you a hearty welcome to a unique experience in this "small piece of Norway".